I’ve Got My Domain Name Back

Sometimes we authors have unexpected adventures in cyberspace…

Last year my blog crashed and burned, so I ended up coming here, which wasn’t all bad. Once I got the hang of WordPress I found I liked it much better, but there was still one lingering problem. I was unable to keep my old blog’s domain name when I changed hosts, and yes, it was an issue, as it was included on all sorts of marketing materials. Yikes!

Like many authors, I have both a website and a blog. My website is more formal. It includes a nice welcome page and an about me page, as well as info about my books and where to by them. It’s a short and sweet “just the facts” version of who I am and what I do.

My blog is where I expand and go into more detail about my books with articles about individual characters, excerpts and sample chapters, and posts about what I do when I’m not writing. It’s my less formal, more up close and personal website, and I had it all figured out. My website was marinamartindale.com, my blog marinamartindale.net. However, I had my website with one host, my blog with another, and, even though both domain names were registered in my name, Google had buried the access to my dot net in cyberspace to where I couldn’t retrieve it. I had to wait until it expired and then back order it. What a pain in the you know what. The Internet is a weird, weird place.

Thankfully, I finally have my dot net back, and it’s up and running. I also now have the same web host for both websites, which makes things so much simpler.




Welcome to the New Edition of Marina Martindale’s Musings

Welcome to the new home for Marina Martindale’s Musings.

After experiencing some technical issues with my previous blog host I’ve moved to WordPress, and I’m happy with the results. We have a new look, a more stable platform, and I’ve brought over the best of the best from my old blog. So please, pull up a chair, and make yourselves comfortable at the new home for Marina Martindale’s Musings.