A New Edit and Look for THE DECEPTION

Original Cover

While I’m waiting for my editor to get to my latest novel, The Letter, I’m doing a minor re-edit on The Deception. The two stories are similar, and those who have read The Deception will, no doubt, enjoy The Letter, and vice versa. I wrote The Deception in 2012. It was my second novel, and I’ve improved in my craft since then, so I wanted to do some fine tuning.

The story and its contents remain the same, and most readers probably won’t notice the editorial changes. I’ve removed filler words and redundancies, and, when needed, I’ve rephrased some of the dialog to make the characters’ points of view a little more clear.

2018 Update

The most noticeable change is the cover. The original cover, shown above, has created some controversy as some have not understood the reason behind it. Inspired by real-life stories of revenge porn, and the havoc in creates in people’s lives, The Deception is the story of a woman who has been badly exploited in a profoundly ugly way by a trusted friend. The layout also differed with my other novels, and because I want my books to all have a consistent look, the cover has also a minor modification. While still sexy, the new look is less controversial, and it blends well when displayed with my other titles.

The new, updated version of, The Deception, will be available in early February.



Cover Sketch for THE LETTER

Sketch by Wes Lowe

Once again, Wes Lowe will be doing the cover illustration for The Letter. He’s sent me the pencil roughs, and I’ve selected this one for the final cover

While not as dark of a story as The Stalker, The Letter begins with leading lady Stephanie’s accidental discovery of a love letter to Danny, her significant other, from his old girlfriend. Hurt and confused, Stephanie is unsure of what to do. A close friend advises her to talk to Danny, but she hesitates, and she soon decides that his ex was simply feeling lonely at the time she wrote it, and has since moved on. Unfortunately for Stephanie, things are not as they appear.

Look for The Letter in late spring, 2018.



Cover Sketch for THE BETRAYAL

Betrayal Cover Sketch
Illustration by Wes Lowe

The other day my illustrator, Wes Lowe, sent me the sketch for the cover illustration forThe Betrayal. Part of the story takes place at a southern Arizona winery. Believe it or not, we really do have wineries in Arizona. We may not be Napa Valley, as they are all mom & pops, but they do make some very nice wines.

McPherson Vineyards, where this portion of the story is set, is a fictional winery. It’s named after the Scottish clan I’m descended from, and it’s loosely modeled after a real-life southern Arizona winery in the tiny town of Elgin, in the Santa Rita Mountains. This is one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of the state. It’s still off the beaten path and I hope it stays that way. I love the unspoiled beauty, and taking an occasional Sunday off and driving to the winery that was the inspiration is a real treat.
I’m hoping to have the finished cover illustration soon, then it’s off to the publisher. Look for The Betrayal to be released later on this summer.

Is THE DECEPTION Cover Too Sexy?

Kindle CoverI’ve had some interesting feedback on the cover art for The Deception. It’s sexy all right, and it’s apparently made a few readers uncomfortable. Some of you may even be wondering why I chose it.

Part of it is the genre. Romance readers expect, well, romance. And, as I’ve explained in my post, Sweet, Sensual or Erotic Romance? Why I Write Sensual, I include some, shall we say, adult content in my novels. Today’s readers want to see the characters consummating their relationship, and sex is a part of life.

My main reason, however, for doing this cover has to do with the plot line. The Deception is the story of Carrie Daniels, a likeable woman with a girl next door quality about her. Carrie has fallen on hard times. Through no fault of her own, she’s been left homeless and destitute. She’s camping out in the back room of her photography studio, and it’s only a matter of time before her landlord finds out. If that happens, she’ll be out on the streets. Carrie’s mentor, Louise Dickenson, soon hears of her plight. Louise has just picked up a private commission from a client who wants a series of photos of a female nude. She offers to “help” Carrie by asking her to model for the photos, assuring her they will only be seen by private art collectors. Carrie, being desperate, has no choice but to accept Louise’s offer. Later on she’ll have to face the unintended consequences when the photos end up in the wrong hands and her entire world turns upside down.

I wanted the cover to depict one of Louise’s photos. Sexy, yet tasteful, like something one might see in a print advertisement for soap or perfume. We know the model is nude, but all we can see is her back.

The illustration was done by Wes Lowe, the same artist who did the cover illustration for The Reunion. He will also be illustrating the cover for my forthcoming novel, The Journey. To see more of his portfolio, please visit his website at weslowe.com.